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This is a new guild that want's to grow. Death before dishonor is a laid back leveling guild for now. We want all levels to join and be apart of this and to watch us grow in success. i will do my best as the guild master, but for us to be successful, we all need to work as a team, together, as one. this is a friendly guild, no disrespect is tolerated. there will be different dungeon groups according to your level. A guild needs to be well put together. As we process we will get bigger and stronger. we want guildies to have fun and feel welcome. So, if your looking for this type of guild and if you seem interested, give us a shot.

Contact information :
                guild master's email :                
Character : nônamé = "o" alt 147 - "e" alt 130

Our Goal's

We want to accomplish many thing's. first off, our main goal is to recruit. Once we have enough members we will become a gearing guild for the levels 77+. For the lvls 20-60 there will be groups depending on your level. there will be weekly dungeons scheduled friday-sunday for your group. Now for the levels 60-76 mainly need to focus on getting to level 77 so we can start getting you geared for raids. We have a great staff of guild leaders. I want this guild to be well known. there will be random guild events and contests. we want our guildies to also have fun. We want to have friendships that grow, and for us to grow as one. Our "slogan" is "all for one, one for all" that meaning, we are all equal, we are all one. We need to work as a guild to make this successful. I have learned that everything takes time and i will not give up on this guild, and i hope all of you will stick by my side to make this work.

The Rank's

General - noname
lieutenant - rynan / skumbag / -spot filled- / -spot filled-
front line

Special rank's
Guild Bank Sergeant
Recruitment Crew - task force

I do not rank by level. That is not fair. But you do need to work for your rank. I just don't hand them out. I want to see us progress and move up as one. We stick together and never give up. I want us to be a ranked guild on this server, and with all of your help, i think we can be well successful.

thank you,

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